Monday, August 13, 2018

MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL "Chapter VI: Mr Mind on Earth" that the comic has synopsized the tale, we'll point out you'll be seeing a classic example of "benign racism'!
Actually, you can see the next chapter right here...
Steamboat was introduced in the Captain Marvel strip in one of Fawcett's anthology titles, America's Greatest Comics #2 (1942) as a food pushcart owner attacked by criminals.
He became Billy Batson's valet (paid by WHIZ Radio), and it's in that capacity we see him here.
Don't even ask how an under-18 kid has his own penthouse , or was able to sign a contract with a radio station.
As they Say on Mystery Science Theatre 3000...
"If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts,
Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show,
I should really just relax...")

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